Rightness and Non-rightness as a Flowing Stream

Where is this rightness found?  Where is this rightness cultivated?  Upon reflection, we will begin to recognize how emotions and feelings dictate actions.  Have you ever thought about an encounter after-the-fact and whispered to yourself or chuckled, "I shouldn't have done that," or, "Next time I'm going to do it a different way?"  This is a reflection on how our emotions incorrectly act as a guide.  There may be times when you do something that feels good, and this same reminder gets programmed.  This programming of averting aversions and seeking pleasures is called grasping and craving, or, creatively, reification: regarding something abstract as a real, material, permanent entity.  "Reification is the root of grasping and craving and hence of all suffering.  And it is perfectly natural, despite its incoherence."1  Final analysis reveals that our overwhelming tendency to reify the world creates disharmony.  Non-peacefulness begins with the stories we tell ourself and believe, which is manufactured into outward words and actions.  Internal peacefulness is cultivated as we work towards Weakening the Fiction.  It is at the intersection of understanding the true nature of our stories and how we choose to let them control us that dialog and healing happen.  Your opinion has value, but it's no more valuable than your counterpart's (enemy's) opinion; both are non-permanent stories eager to shift and change from moment to moment.  Be a healer.





1- Garfield, pg 314, The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle way