It Simply Exists

Suffering because you believe in permanence.png

Think about that.  


We can rejoice in impermanence to foster mindfulness of this moment. Absorb it as intensely as you can because it will not be here in the next moment.  "Nothing remains the same for two consecutive moments."1We tend to recognize the impermanence of a flower.  Though it is beautiful and brings our life happiness, the flower wilts and goes away.  The same is for anything we hold dearly, like a loved one.  A loved one is here now. Her daily presence makes us believe she will always be here even though we know everyone dies.  Leverage impermanence.  Because we know she will die someday is exactly why right now is the best time to love her fully.  Understanding impermanence frees us from the confines of the suffering permanence brings.  Foster loving-kindness now; repeat now.  Continue this practice.

"If we practice awareness of the nature of impermanence, we will suffer less and enjoy life more.  If we know things are impermanent, we will cherish them in the present moment."2




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