Take Control

Take Control.png

The essence of Boondoggle is recognizing the moments that have been conditioned to mean nothing, to be considered a throw-away, a passé. Once they are recognizable, we work towards understanding why they have been conditioned to uphold that meaning. Scrutinizing the story helps us lessen its grip.  Most of the time we don’t act in the ways we routinely believe we do; our lives play out with much less control than we truly believe.  

We believe there is a true self. We think we are in absolute control over every action or word. During reflection, we see and begin to understand that we most often act out of our conditioning. The self we believe in seldomly has full control. The constraint to being in this moment is not whether or not a self exists. The anchor holding us down from activating this moment and truly living in this moment is understanding how the myriad of selves are in constant flux. 

Get past the constraints of the stories we tell ourselves. When we do that, we become extremely powerful and in control.

“The stories we tell ourselves dictate what corner we fight from.” –Derren Brown

If you have access to Netflix, discover one man’s transformation when he re-conditions his stories.  Search for “Sacrifice Derren Brown”.