The Art of Travel

Traveling, the art of connecting with people of other cultures, dismantles my sense of personal awareness.  Their problems, concerns, joys, and happiness create a feeling that each person is not a singular individual, rather, we stand on planet Earth together with each separate action affecting everyone else.

As my journeys take me beyond traditional vacationing destinations, each ripple created by my actions is an opportunity to act as an ambassador for all those I associate with, showing the world that goodness exists.  I also act on behalf of the passionate, hard working, enthusiastic, desperate, caring, intriguing, humble people I am fortunate to encounter, to share stories and exchange cultural ideologies with while on the road, bringing back stories refuting stigmas, or sharing enlightening concepts about the sameness of us all.

Being a traveler in this world, a seeker of truth, one who desires to know the unknown, my adventures provide answers, they shape my personality, they introduce me to new ideas, philosophies, food, etiquette and cultures.

Discovering the world needs to be done with humility.  This mentality approaches new places, engages different personalities, and welcomes new ways of living life with open eyes.

My personal goal is not as much to make money as it is to bring to light the world’s damning practices, all of its beauty, and people who are seeking the same thing as everyone else; happiness, security, and the be surrounded by others they call family and friends.

This journey requires dedication. It requires you to believe in yourself, your capabilities- not to be afraid of criticism, trying something new, expressing your creativity constructively.  You live inspired with the ability to breathe life into others.  Break free from your constraints and explore the boundlessness of freedom. 

Dream. Sacrifice. Victory