Blended Life

I am often struck with inspiration in unusual ways.  Watching one of my favorite shows, America's Test Kitchen, on WTTW is a great example of this when an interesting corollary between the culinary world and the world crossed me.   When the segment of the show called 'Equipment Corner' aired, it was revisiting a past comparison test of the best blenders.  The reason for re-testing blenders was because the chosen winner at that time was experiencing durability issues. 

The first standout for this weird interaction I will attempt to make is that if the blender in question had not begun to break down, have workability issues, the show would have continued to test and test and keep testing recipes until they were satisfied it would produce replicable results for all with the reigning champion blender.  When thinking about life, this same approach can be followed.  I believe innately that humans are exploratory beings programmed to learn new skills, tackle increasingly challenging tasks, and socially interact with others.  It is when these desires are stunted or go missing altogether that we fail to evolve, particularly for our own good.  Recognizing when this happens is the first step in being able to correct ourselves and regain traction on a path toward prosperity (not necessarily monetarily).  If we become blinded by desires that inhibit growth, we are unable to prepare delicious meals- the raw qualities of the self are diluted by inorganic, toxic ingredients.

Ok, step one goes like this: recognize the signs of wavering off the course of self improvement, enlightenment.

As the Equipment Corner segment progressed I learned of three things to look for if I am ever in the market for a blender:

  1. Shape of the jar
  2. The blades of the blender
  3. Total power output measured in watts

Pull your dusty blender out of hibernation and take a look at the container to be blended food goes into.  There seems to be two jar styles.  The less desirable ones are flat on the bottom, essentially trapping food and preventing thorough mixing.  Jars with a concave curvature funnels objects towards the blades for more efficient, satisfying blending while requiring less manual shaking of the jar to get missed food into the blades.

 Ah, step two in the blended life process:  Allow my ego to be flexible.  Being open will yield a more thorough mixing of ideas and allow my personality to broadly develop.  Being square never disappointed me more than now.

America’s Test Kitchen then pointed out that in order to be a quality blender I must have as many blades as possible, six are the most desirable, set at varying planes and the tips should be as close to the inner wall of the jar as possible.

Step three shall say:  Once I am able to efficiently funnel a broad spectrum of concepts into my being, I should allow them to churn within.  Various speed or blending settings can help decipher utilitarian knowledge from hindering information; allowing me to absorb what is useful and disregard what is not.

Finally, in order to purchase the best blender I should consider its power output.  Having a high wattage seems to be ideal, in this case 750 watts is best.  I am assuming a higher power output allows for more stubborn, denser items to be blended well.

Blended life process step four:  Having a powerful motor allows me to confront instead of hide from anything that normally would be off putting.  Do not shun challenging subjects- embrace them with the strength of step two.  Surely there will be concepts that just cannot connect with a particular self.  This does not mean, though, that strange, bizarre, taboo ideas should be completely repelled.  Contrarily, things that mainstream media portray as detrimental, or concepts and places that stymy others have an immense pull on me.  Allowing my powerful motor and numerous blades to break up various concepts allows me to thoroughly expand my person.  It is impossible to understand either side of an argument without learning about its antithesis.

In the physical world of blenders, if I embraced all the aforementioned traits, I would be considered a Breville Hemisphere Control Blender. Literally following the four steps laid out above, I would achieve the increasingly elusive concept of a well-rounded human being.

But, on the other hand, sometimes I feel like a Frieling Goliath Mortar and Pestle.


Author’s note:  While the Blended Life could be interpreted as a spoof of sorts, I do believe that incorporating the four steps into one’s life would provide the fundamentals for living with eyes open.  I know too many people turning away from anything foreign- ideas, food, people, religions.  Particularly as the world becomes one giant melting pot, being myopic hinders the self.  I am curious to know if those who are content within their bubble are truly so.  Is there no inclination to glimpse something new?  For me, it is all about living, learning and figuring it out.