Spilling Over for You

When I ask questions what is it I seek?  I am a seeker of knowledge, but for whose purpose?


Growth depends on well calibrated maps.  When I ask questions it is inquisitiveness at the wheel.  Driving for the sake of learning, the gas pedal of curiosity determines the velocity of discovery, while timely braking allows for safe navigation over speed bumps.  The destination is a fulgent horizon, where inspiration meets action.


Your happiness dictates my happiness.  Detachment from personal interests inculcates wisdom beyond contemporary thought.  Navigating away from personal interests accurately presents a detailed image of your thoughts.  When I question for your growth, we share enlightenment.  The frustration of forceful words, where my needs supersede your comfort, darken a veil between connection.


If we journey through this life head down, shuffling along a rutted path, aren't we destined to stumble?  Attachment to one's self, viewing this life through my own lens; is balanced growth possible?  A one dimensional view is a catalyst for ignorance. 


When I move forward it is as well intentioned as possible.  Planting seeds of prosperity helps conditions arise, conditions that grow into opportunity.  Myopic thoughts bring about singular outcomes.  In a conversation there are two options: force my happiness or foster yours.  In helping grow your idea, I learn something new.  This bonding is between more than two people.  There is a shift.  The frustration of winning my way wanes for disconnected exchanges slowly create disdain.  Like droplets of water steadily dripping in one location, this nourishing element erodes the beauty it intends on preserving.  And the growth we both experience shapes a new outlook.  A choice we make: to build character or drive it apart.


As we spill over, affecting everything the wake reaches, the result of the ripple permeates from within.  Craving is an outcome of what; Aversion results from where?